Pembroke Pines Business Club is a local organization located in Florida. Its goal is to promote and bring in local businesses to the area, which in return can help boost the overall economic growth of the community.

To accomplish this, we work with the surrounding areas and local business leaders within Florida, encouraging them to be part of our thriving organization. Here at Pembroke Pines Business Club, we accept a wide array of businesses as members, such as restaurants, clothing shop, hardware, and more.

Currently, we are gaining success in fulfilling our mission of bridging local businesses in Pembroke Pines, Florida. However, we still have a long way to go before we can claim 100 percent success.

While it’s true that the entire process is full of challenges, we are confident that we will be able to accomplish it. With your help, success is definitely on the horizon.



For us to carry out our goals, we are in need of sponsors and donations from open-minded individuals who will be interested in taking part in our mission. All the proceeds from our donors will be allotted to various projects we have.

One of our priorities is to promote business learning in Pembroke Pines high schools and technical schools. We believe that instilling the importance of businesses to young generation is crucial in maintaining our city’s economic growth.

As part of our project, we are going to conduct numerous training and seminars to teachers and interested individuals, which in return can teach young students to get into business as early as now.

Pembroke Pines Business Club is also planning to organize outreach programs to help those who are in need. We understand the struggles that these people are facing on a daily basis, so we want to assist in the best way we can.

With your donations, we can arrange feeding programs and provide their necessities such as clothing and medicine. We might even launch a livelihood program for unemployed locals and teach them a thing or two about starting their own businesses.

Lastly, we are planning to expand our promotional reach not only in Florida but in other states as well. This way, our members will have more exposure, which can contribute to the success of their businesses.

If you want to join us in our extraordinary journey, do not hesitate to call or drop by our office from Monday-Friday. Pembroke Pines Business Club will be more than happy to welcome you!

With gladness, we welcome onboard our new sponsor:
Elite Vision Centers

Elite Vision Center
255 N. University Dr
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

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